Gay Sissy Crossdresser

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Forced Feminization Hypnosis Captions

Forced To Be Feminine Your roommate caught you in your room dressing in women’s clothing one day. That day was the best day of the week. The reason you loved when your roommate caught you was the fact that he told you to stay dressed and lay on your back. As soon as you laid […]

Encouraged To Become A Sissy

Sissy Encouragement Ever since high school you knew that you hadn’t developed as much as the other boys in all of your classes. At first you started to lift weights and work out more. It didn’t matter how much you went to the gym though, you just kept getting thinner and more toned… more feminine […]

How You Became A Sissy

“You Are Weak” You were hanging out with your friend one day just playing video games when he turned over and said, “You know, all you ever do is play video games… do you even have a single muscle in that weak body of yours?” You didn’t know what to say, so you just murmured, […]